AIM Tech started in 2008 as a high frequency algorithmic trading firm participating at the Moscow Exchange market (MOEX). In thirteen years, the firm expanded in terms of traded markets, company size and trading strategies to become a global HFT trading firm with 100 people employed. In 2021, the founders of the firm Ilia Sedoshkin and Konstantin Kuznetsov decided to pursue their own business ventures which led to a buyout agreement with other shareholders. Under the agreement, the founders will continue to use the AIM Tech name for their new business. The former AIM Tech team will continue with financial trading under the new name of Pinely
Our team has deep expertise in designing latency-sensitive data processing systems and wide network of software architects in the area. AIM Tech helps startups and investors with (a) technology due diligence for the real-time data processing and deep learning inference engines, and (b) engaging best-in-class talents.

We have been innovating the stock trading for the last 15 years turning human trader into super-human. It's time to push technologies further beyond trading and discover super-human abilities in other areas of life.

If you are up to tackle the challenges beyond of trading and interested in what we do, drop us email to
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